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Block Stitch Baby's Blanket

Hiya all,

I have been busy trying to get more patterns into my Etsy shop this year.

This new stitch is a favourite out there in the crochet world.

A great intermediate pattern, only because of the picots really.

If you are looking for something gentle and easy to follow head to the Etsy listing and take a quick look.  The pattern is in both US and UK terminology as usual so don't be shy...take a look.

A beginners crochet blanket pattern

Hiya there!

I have been busy these past few weeks.  I have a few projects I wanted to get finished and I needed to think about my way forward.  I have made some decisions and they will come to light over the next few months.

I have listed a new crochet pattern for beginners in my Etsy shop just tonight.  

The Shell Stitch Basic Crochet Blanket only uses three stitches so it would be an ideal step up for a beginner project.

This blanket is made with chunky yarn by Hayfield and the colours I chose were white and brook, which is a kind of denim blue colour.

Stitches that you will use include chain, single crochet, and double crochet.  I am quoting American stitching terms.

The pattern includes two finished sizes.  The larger blue blanket is 105 cm x 107 cm and the smaller white blanket is 71 cm x 85 cm.

The pattern includes loads of photos to shows details throughout.

A flower tote pattern

It's Friday and time for an update people.

I have another new pattern in my Etsy shop today.  The pattern is written in English using both US terminology and UK terminology, as separate listings.

The tote bag is similar in design to the green flower fairy tote of two years ago but this tote is coral, accented with a golden orange flower.

Materials Used

Like the fairy tote I have used two strands of 4 ply yarn for the body of the tote but you could make up the tote with double knit yarn and adjust hook sizes accordingly.

Skills level

Intermediate skills needed but a confident beginner should manage once the tote has been made first as detailed pictures show you how to make the flower and leaves,

New Pattern, Flower Fairy Tote Bag

I have listed a new pattern in my Etsy shop tonight.  

The Flower Fairy Tote is made all in one piece, so like my other tote pattern, it would be an ideal beginner project.

Like my previous tote pattern I have used more than one strand throughout.  This tote is made with microfiber acrylic 4 ply yarn made by The Womens Institute, which is sold exclusively by Hobbycraft here in the UK.  Colours chosen are lime green, yellow, orange and coral.  The button is a Dress It Up, Elite Collection Flower Fairies button.

Stitches that you will use include chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet.  I am quoting American stitching terms.

The finished bag measures 20 cm square and weights just under 84g including the button.

The pattern does not include lining instructions but the choice is yours.

Adults Tote Bag

A bright yellow chunky knit quality tote bag.


This bright new tote bag is made all in one piece, which itself makes it an ideal beginners project.

For the basic bag pattern I have used three strands of Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value, shade 0957.  This is a tumble dry and 100% acrylic yarn that should stand up to a few washes at least.  You could of course use one strand of chunky wool if you chose.  You will need about 140 meters of yarn for each strand.

Stitches you will use include chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, and picot.

The finished bag measures 26cm square and weighs just under 130g.  If you choose you could adjust the pattern to make a smaller or larger bag too.

Of course decorate it with your own choice of applique or use the flower pattern provided with a 2.5 to 3 mm button as I have.

Why not give it a complementary lining to keep all your smalls together too.  The choices are endless.

The pattern is expected to be in my Etsy online shop within days.

In My Etsy Shop

In my Etsy shop you will find various instant PDF downloadable crochet patterns.

Crochet shell stitch basic blanket, beginner skill level.

Crochet blanket pattern, intermediate skill level